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Natural Lift Facial

Natural lift facial is also known as rejuvenation facial massage or a non surgical face lift. 


It is a facial massage that blends techniques from Anma (which is a traditionalJapanesemassage) and Ayurveda(which is an ancient Indian healing method).  


By usingthese techniques it can help improve the complexion by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow in the face, it also may help prevent and reduce wrinkles by strengthening and toning facial muscles. It also works on the nervous system creating calm and relaxation.  


The massage stimulates the acupressure points on the face which can help to energise the face making it look fresher, giving a similar effect to an acupuncture “face-lift” but without the need for needles, using a series of massage movements over the face which help to relieve the tension and any stuck connective tissue.  


This process can help with reducing any habitual expression lines, through the increase of oxygenated blood supply to the face and also assists with cell replenishment and regeneration.


  • Great for party and holiday season. 

  • Effects last for approximately 3-5 days

  • Also includes an upper shoulder and neck massage.

  • 35-40 mins


It is advised to have more than one treatment as this is an accumulative treatment  (The more you have the better it can work).